Welcome to Deferendum Board of Directors

Dear friend,

I am thrilled to welcome you to the Deferendum Board of Directors. You have been invited to join this group because of your pioneering nature and your ability to envision a better future.

As a board member, you have a direct say in the future of the Deferendum app. You can propose ideas, vote on proposals, and have a real impact on the direction of our project.

The first goal of this group is to use the preliminary stage to manage Deferendum as efficiently as possible by identifying, proposing, and ranking problems or opportunities for the Deferendum business and app. Examples of such issues can include improving the user experience or exploring new market opportunities.

The second goal is to make informed and quick decisions. During the main stage of the Referendums, we will use the debating time to add arguments that can weigh for or against a particular referendum. For instance, this can involve discussing the pros and cons of a new feature or policy change.

Our third goal is to sustain inclusivity. When proposing a new problem or adding an argument or commenting on an argument, remember to formulate it as concise and to the point as possible. All arguments can start with “Yes, because…” or “No, because…” to ensure clarity and a constructive debate.

Finally, our fourth goal is to encourage communication. We highly value respectful interactions among our members, even if they hold opposing views. We ask that you listen and understand before deciding, rather than judge or attack others for their ideas. By fostering a collaborative environment, we can work towards the betterment of Deferendum and its community.

I look forward to your contributions to the Deferendum board of directors and the impact we can make together.

Best regards,

Nick Dragoi,
Your Friend and Founder of Deferendum

If you don’t like the message above or have an idea on how to improve it, please propose it right now in the preliminary stage and we could soon make a Deferendum about it.