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Dear Deferendum community,

I am excited to announce that starting today, we will be taking a new approach to managing the Deferendum app. In the spirit of transparency and inclusivity, we will be using the Deferendum app itself to make some of our management decisions.

This means that you, our users, can have a direct say in the future of the Deferendum app. You will be able to propose ideas, vote on proposals, and have a real impact on the direction of our project.

We believe that this approach will help us build a stronger, more engaged community, and will allow us to create an app that truly reflects the needs and desires of its users.

Of course, we will continue to take into account our own expertise and vision for the app, but we are excited to see what kind of ideas and feedback our users will bring to the table.

So, I invite you all to download the latest version of the Deferendum app, and to start participating in this exciting new chapter of our project.

Thank you for your ongoing support, and let’s build a better, more democratic future together.

Nick Dragoi,
Deferendum Founder & CEO

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