New Deferendum Member

Welcome to Deferendum! As a new group member, you have the opportunity to participate in collaborative decision-making with others who share similar interests or concerns. Here are some guidelines to help you get started:

To participate in Deferendum, you must first be added to a group by the group’s admin. After downloading the Deferendum app and installing it, create your account using the email address provided to you by the group’s admin.

Once you have joined a group, take the time to review the preliminary stage. This is where group members present new problems and solutions and vote on the seriousness of the problems presented by other members. It’s essential to understand the problems and solutions presented in this stage to participate effectively in the main stage.

If you have a concern that you would like to bring to the group’s attention, you can add it to the preliminary stage. Be sure to provide a concise explanation of the problem and any proposed solutions.

In the preliminary stage, you have the opportunity to vote on the seriousness of the problems presented by other members. Your vote will help prioritize which problems the group will address in the main stage. To obtain a clear ranking based on real urgency, don’t rate all problems the same. Try rating them by comparing the problems between them.

Once the group has identified the most urgent problems to address, the group editor will create a Deferendum question that proposes a solution for group members to debate and vote on. In this stage, you can add arguments for or against the proposed solution and ask for details or context by commenting on other members’ arguments.

The final step is to vote on the Deferendum question. You can vote “yes” or “no” to the proposed solution.

Remember, Deferendum is a platform for collaborative decision-making, so be respectful of other group members’ opinions and ideas. By working together, we can find solutions that benefit everyone in the group.”

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