Terms and Conditions

Deferendum is a mobile application that enables group members to actively engage in debates and vote on their group’s problems remotely, without the need for in-person meetings that may not be convenient for everyone. The Deferendum program is based on several premises:

  • Individual members know what works best for them and what doesn’t.
  • The power of analyzing and solving problems is greater when a group collaborates, rather than attempting to solve problems individually.
  • A problem that is properly understood is already halfway solved, and correct arguments can validate or invalidate a proposed solution.
  • The constant search for balance between public information and private life is important in a civilized society, and we strive to reflect this in our transparency and data privacy measures.

When using the Deferendum app, several terms are used in specific ways:

Group: any association of at least three people who use voting to decide the priority of issues faced by the group and to adopt or reject a proposed solution. For example, a group of neighbors in an HOA might use Deferendum to vote on whether to install a new playground or renovate a common area.

Group Administrator: every group has an administrator who is responsible for adding or removing members and for assigning or removing editor status to members. For example, the administrator of a Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) might use Deferendum to invite new members or remove inactive members.

Group Editor(s): persons selected by the group (or by the group’s administrator) who are tasked with extracting problems and solutions discussed in the preliminary stage, ranking them by urgency, and formulating a Deferendum question. For example, a group of teachers in a school might use Deferendum to select a few key problems from the preliminary stage, such as lack of funding for classroom materials, and formulate a Deferendum question on whether to request additional funding from the school board.

Group Members: individuals who have the right to comment, add arguments, raise issues, assess the seriousness of a problem, propose solutions, and vote on solutions. Both the Administrator and the Editors of a group have all the rights that regular members have. For example, in a PTA group, any parent who joins can participate as a Group Member and vote on proposed solutions.

Superadmin: a person within Deferendum who deals with the initial setting of a group, such as opening an account, appointing the initial group administrator, and setting the maximum number of group members. The Superadmin can be contacted via email at [email protected].

Preliminary stage: the section of the app where any member of the group can present new problems and solutions and where they can vote on the seriousness of the problems presented by other members. For example, in a neighborhood association, a member might use the preliminary stage to raise a problem about the condition of a local park or playground.

Problems: any aspect that concerns a member of a group and has a solution that must satisfy the majority of the members. These problems are presented by members in the preliminary stage, and members can vote on how urgent they consider each problem to be. For example, in a group of small business owners, a member might raise a problem about the lack of parking spaces in the area.

Main scene: the section of the Deferendum app where the editor publishes a Deferendum question presenting the proposed solution to problems discovered in the preliminary stage that have been ranked with the highest urgency. For example, in a school district group, an Editor might publish a Deferendum question asking whether to allocate additional funds to purchase new classroom materials.

Deferendum question: a solution proposed for debate and voting, formulated so that members can vote “Yes” or “No”.

Arguments and comments are two critical components of the Deferendum app. Arguments are concise statements for or against a particular solution, while comments provide context or challenge the validity of an argument. Both arguments and comments are subject to group member evaluation, with members given the option to like or dislike them.

Overall, the Deferendum app has the potential to revolutionize group decision-making processes by empowering members to contribute to discussions and vote on solutions remotely.

Data privacy:

We know that the security of personal data is as important as the right to free expression, that’s why at Deferendum we are as transparent with the data collected and with how they are used, as restrictive in not keeping the data longer time than is the minimum necessary and not to disclose them to other organisations without the explicit consent of the user.

Any person has the right to a single account in the Deferendum application. Any attempt to create fake accounts will result in suspension of all accounts and related groups.

Deferendum is designed to help real associations. If a request to create a new group is considered suspicious or inappropriate, Deferendum reserves the right to reject or to conduct more detailed investigations to confirm the veracity of the provided information.

Final specifications

The Deferendum application is currently only available for Android, but we are working on the version for iOS and the web, so we hope it will be ready as soon as possible. Because the Deferendum project is still in the development stage, we reserve the right to change these terms and conditions depending on the evolution of the project.

Deferendum is a brand developed by Academia GoLive OnDigital SRL, based in Bucharest and identification data at the Trade Register: The communication address is Drumul Gura Calitei Nr 43, block 4, apartment 34.

How to get in?

We are delighted to announce that the Deferendum Program is now open for the pilot phase. To join this groundbreaking movement, here’s what you need to know about the admission process:

Kindly reach out to us at [email protected] to introduce yourself and share some key details about the group you intend to create a new Deferendum account for. Please provide us with the estimated number of members, category of the group, and any other relevant information.

Once your group has been approved, you can easily create a new account on the Deferendum app using the email address you provided earlier. As the group administrator, you will have the privilege of inviting members, assigning editor roles, and customizing the group’s name and profile picture.

Upon joining the Deferendum app, your members will automatically have access to your group in their list of groups, thereby creating a seamless and efficient process.

Don’t wait any longer to join the Deferendum movement and revolutionize the way you make decisions. Reach out to us now at [email protected].

Best regards, The Deferendum Team