The Deferendum name – explained

The Deferendum name is actually a combination of two words: “deference” and “referendum”. The idea behind Deferendum is to create a more democratic and participatory decision-making process, where individuals can express their opinions and have their voices heard.

“Deference” is a term that refers to showing respect and consideration for others’ opinions and expertise. In our society, we often look to those in positions of power or authority to make decisions for us. With Deferendum, we aim to create a platform where every voice can be heard, and where the collective wisdom of the community can guide decision-making.

“Referendum”, on the other hand, is a term used to describe a direct vote on a particular issue, usually by the general population. With Deferendum, we are essentially democratizing the referendum process, by enabling people to vote on issues that matter to them in a more direct and accessible way.

So, in essence, the name Deferendum represents a combination of deference and referendum. Together, they represent the idea of giving deference to the people through referendums and embodies the spirit of our platform – to create a more participatory and democratic decision-making process that empowers individuals and communities.

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