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In today’s business world, CEOs face numerous challenges and pressures to make informed decisions that impact the success and growth of their companies. One significant challenge is managing employee engagement and feedback effectively. Traditionally, communication between employees and management has been hierarchical and one-way, with little opportunity for feedback from employees. However, with the advent of technology and the rise of the gig economy, this model has become outdated and ineffective. Enter Deferendum, a new platform that offers a unique solution to this challenge.

Deferendum is a mobile application that allows CEOs to create a democratic and collaborative decision-making process within their company. The app has two main stages, the Preliminary Scene and the Main Stage, that together facilitate the discussion and voting on important issues.

In the Preliminary Scene, everyone in the company can propose and rank issues and problems. This helps identify the most pressing issues and ensures that everyone has an opportunity to have their voice heard.

Once the most pressing issues have been identified, they move to the Main Stage. Here, referendums are created, and members can debate the issue by adding, commenting, and ranking arguments. By allowing for comments and discussion on each argument, the Deferendum app helps to clarify the issue and provide context for the debate. The app promotes a system of ranking arguments based on their persuasiveness, which simplifies the understanding of complex problems and promotes a focus on reaching a consensus.

This process has several benefits for CEOs and their companies. Firstly, it creates a sense of ownership and engagement among employees. By allowing everyone to propose and rank issues and participate in the decision-making process, employees feel more invested in the company’s success and are more likely to take ownership of their work.

Secondly, Deferendum promotes transparency and accountability within the company. Employees can see that their opinions are valued, and the decision-making process is fair and democratic. This, in turn, can lead to increased trust and loyalty between employees and management.

Thirdly, Deferendum can help CEOs to identify and address issues before they become significant problems. By having a direct channel of communication with employees, the management team can quickly identify any concerns and take corrective action.

Finally, Deferendum can enhance employee morale and motivation. When employees feel heard and valued, they are more likely to be motivated to perform their best work. This can lead to increased productivity and ultimately, better results for the company.

The Deferendum app is an innovative tool that allows CEOs to simplify the understanding of complex problems and promote consensus-based decision-making. The app’s two main stages, the Preliminary Scene and the Main Stage, facilitate collaboration and discussion on important issues, and the system of ranking arguments based on their persuasiveness helps to focus the debate on reaching a consensus.

In conclusion, Deferendum is an excellent platform for CEOs who want to promote transparency, accountability, and engagement among their employees. The app provides a direct channel of communication between employees and management, simplifies the understanding of complex problems, and encourages collaboration and consensus-based decision-making. By using Deferendum, CEOs can ensure that their company is more agile and responsive to the needs of its employees and customers, which ultimately leads to better results and growth.

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