Brexit – a Deferendum Perspective

It was in the midst of the chaotic and divisive Brexit that the potential of the Deferendum app became glaringly apparent. With its focus on collaboration and transparency, the app could have been a game-changer in the decision-making process.

Imagine a world where groups, both large and small, could come together to discuss and evaluate proposed solutions before making an informed decision. With the Deferendum app, this world could have been a reality. Its two-part question structure allowed for ample time for group members to debate and evaluate proposed solutions, ensuring that decisions were made collaboratively and with transparency.

As Virginia Woolf once wrote, “For most of history, Anonymous was a woman.” The Deferendum app prioritizes collaboration, problem-solving, and transparency, making it an ideal tool for groups that need to make decisions and vote on solutions remotely. Its focus on arguments and comments, as well as member evaluation through likes and dislikes, encourages constructive discussion and debate. With clearly defined roles for Group Administrator, Group Editor(s), and Group Members, Deferendum ensures that everyone understands their responsibilities and can participate effectively.

The political climate during the Brexit was highly charged, with emotions running high on both sides of the debate. It was a time that required a new approach to decision-making. The Deferendum app, with its emphasis on collaboration and transparency, could have provided the necessary platform for constructive discussion and debate.

As the great British politician Margaret Thatcher once said, “Consensus is the negation of leadership.” With the Deferendum app, leadership could still exist while ensuring that all voices were heard and all perspectives considered. It is through collaboration that true progress is made, and the Deferendum app could have been the tool to facilitate that collaboration.

In conclusion, the potential of the Deferendum app during the Brexit cannot be understated. With its focus on collaboration and transparency, it could have provided a platform for constructive discussion and debate, and potentially a different outcome. As Virginia Woolf once wrote, “Arrange whatever pieces come your way.” With the Deferendum app, those pieces could have been arranged in a way that truly represented the collective voice.

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