Contending for Democracy on Social Media and Beyond

Richard Reisman

…”Certainly, as Eric Schnurer articulates in a fulsome analysis, democracy is being disrupted in important ways by the effects of the internet, and its future shape may look quite different. Divya Siddarth suggests the frame that existing forms of democracy are an unfinished form of human collective intelligence, and surveys ways it might be beneficially transformed by new mechanisms, technologies, and systems for augmentation.”…

…”Additional levers encouraging responsibility come from the critical community that surrounds the tech industry. This field of advocacy and research can organize substantial pressure, even absent a hard law, to bring about fine-grained changes to policy and practice. This works at its best where the desired outcome has broad public support, and where the obstacle to change is more the inherent myopia of large institutions, rather than a willful resistance.”…

Contending for Democracy on Social Media and Beyond

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